styling rugs with furniture is fun

An area rug is a great way to break an open floor plan into smaller functional spaces or to add a cozy touch to a room with hardwood floors. But adding a rug to your décor involves more than selecting a color of rug and placing it in the middle of the room. To make […]

carpet materials can vary as seen here

A baby’s first steps. The sounds of a slumber party. Stepping out of bed on a cold winter morning. Some moments in life are just more inviting and cozier when you have a comfortable floor of carpet under your feet. But deciding on which kind of carpet is right for your home can be a […]

woman uses carpet deodorizer for stinky carpet

Any parent or pet owner can tell you, over time your carpet can get downright stinky. You’ve probably seen advertisements or seen products in the store that claim to deodorize carpets. But, do they actually work to remove unwanted smells, or is it just a mask? Carpet deodorizers come in a variety of different forms, […]

man installing new floors

If you’re installing new floors in your home, there are a few things you need to know about. Not all flooring is created equally, and some are much more challenging to install than others. If you feel at all uncomfortable about installing flooring, it’s better to hire a professional. However, some flooring like laminate is […]

family of two adults and two kids relax on carpet floors

Choosing the right carpet for the right room in your home is a more complicated task than it may first seem. While some rooms are obvious candidates for other types of flooring — maybe skip carpeting your kitchen or bathroom — the kinds of carpet that work best for other rooms may not be so […]

Shopping for flooring is an exciting time, but there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Before you buy new flooring, there are some important questions you want to ask to make sure you are buying the best option for your home. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to think about […]

  If you’ve ever lived in an apartment complex and lost sleep at night because the upstairs neighbors were dropping bricks on the floor (or at least that’s what it sounded like), you understand the importance of underlayment.   Flooring underlayment is a thin layer of material that provides cushion, absorbs sound, adds insulation and […]

hardwood floor cereal spill

It’s a fact of life that spills, drips, and accidents are going to happen to your floors. Liquid blunders can be catastrophic when you have hardwood floors. Protecting your hardwood floors from stains can quickly become a priority for you. Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid having to deal with stains. […]