Your bathroom is the second most important room in your entire house (behind only the kitchen). It’s a place where the average person spends at least 30 minutes each day (and probably more than that now with work from home!). It’s important to create a space you enjoy being in, so take a look at […]

Did you renovate your home recently with some new carpet? If so, it’s likely that you may have some carpet sample squares leftover, or even some carpet remnants leftover from the installation. You might even have salvageable pieces of your old carpet that can be upcycled into something new! Instead of throwing these usable carpet […]

More time at home leads to more messes. Perhaps it was a science project that went awry or a kitchen-based math lesson that left more food on your floor than in your belly. No matter the mess, follow these tips to keep your floors looking fantastic. Kids, Carpet, & Juice “If you have small children, […]

Many of our customers make the choice to put carpeting somewhere in their homes, usually in the bedrooms. New carpeting is soft and plush, giving your bedrooms the extra bit of coziness needed to make them your perfect, relaxing oasis. “What most of our customers don’t know, however, is when it is time to replace […]

These days, spending quality time outdoors is essential for your well-being. Now is the time to spruce up your outdoor living space so you can enjoy all the benefits of fresh air without needing to leave the safety of your own home. Before we even think about furniture, let’s consider the vast options of outdoor […]