21 Sep 2021
styling rugs with furniture is fun

An area rug is a great way to break an open floor plan into smaller functional spaces or to add a cozy touch to a room with hardwood floors. But adding a rug to your décor involves more than selecting a color of rug and placing it in the middle of the room. To make the space comfortable, useful, and with a balanced look, it is important to think about how your furniture will work with–and on top of–the rug you bring home.

Sizing Is Key

Choosing the right size of rug for your space is key. Rugs are typically made in just a handful of common sizes, so you will want to think about the look you want to create and the size of the room in order to decide what size of rug is most appropriate. One too large might create a lopsided, unbalanced look. But one too small might get lost amid larger pieces of furniture or cause furniture to wobble if the legs can’t fit on the rug entirely.

Living Rooms

In placing an area rug in a living room, consistency is key. Depending on the size of your room and your rug, you will either want to place all the legs of each piece on the rug, or you will want to make sure that only the front legs of each piece are on the rug.

If you have an open floor plan with a great room large enough that no furniture is pushed directly up to a wall, you should select a larger rug and place each furniture piece completely on it. If your room is smaller and you have an anchor piece, such as a sofa, against the wall, the room will look more balanced if the rug fits under the front of each piece. Here is where choosing a rug size is crucial. The rug will need to be large enough to fit under the front of the furniture by a few inches but be small enough to allow for the consistent placement of only the front legs of each piece on the rug.

If the size or configuration of your room makes it a challenge to find a rug that fits, you can still take advantage of the splash of color a rug brings by selecting a smaller rug that will fit under the coffee table. This placement draws attention to the center of the space and helps to visually pull a room together.

Dining Rooms

When selecting a rug for a dining room, you will want to match the shape of your table, whether it is round, rectangular, or square.

Look for a rug that is as large as needed to fit the entire table and all the chairs on it, even when the chairs are pulled out. (You don’t want to run the risk of back legs moving off the rug and the chair wobbling as someone tries to sit.) While you want a sufficiently large rug, to create a visually balanced look, you will also want to maintain the same amount of space between the rug and the walls on all sides.


Much like in a living room, you have a couple of options for placing a rug under the bed. The first option is to place the rug completely under the bed and side pieces. Prevent nightstands from wobbling by making sure they fit completely on the rug. You will also want to make sure that you have the rug centered with an equal amount of space on either side for walkways.

The other option is to place a rug 2/3 of the way under the bed. This layout will allow you to maintain a balanced look while also ensuring that there is ample room to place nightstands or side tables completely off the rug so they are sitting firmly on the floor.

Another option Is to use runners. These rugs are long and narrow. Often used in high traffic areas, such as hallways, placing a runner on each side of a bed can give the bedroom a balanced look and a soft touch without the challenge of finding the right size of area rug.

Remnants as Rugs

Another option for finding a rug that fits your space is to choose a carpet remnant that can come in a size other than the most common ones sold in stores. At Goshen Floor Mart, we have the largest selection of remnants in the area. Come visit our showroom at 65669 U.S. 33 in Goshen or call us at 574-642-4770 and our friendly staff will be able to help you find something that will for your home.